Tasting Marrakech, An Urban Food Tour

Tasting Marrakech, An Urban Food Tour

Morocco is a culinary jewel and what better way to experience this than on a Marrakech Food Tasting Tour. Marrakech offers a select number of Food Tours where travelers can hit the streets of the historic medina and taste a variety of what Marraekchi’s eat. Marrakech’s Food Tours include those that are centered around the historic Djemaa El Fna Square and others that focus on the back streets and hidden alleys, which take you beyond the square. A Tasting Marrakech Street Food Tour is one of the most exciting ways to discover this popular city.


Marrakech’s Urban Food Tours are curated by local food specialists who share some of their favorite places in the back streets and hidden alleys of the medina. Travelers have an opportunity to participate in discovering authentic Moroccan cuisine. Marrakech Food Tours begin at sunset in Djemaa el Fna Square and are available on a private or group basis daily, You can count on a mixture of street food and sit down restaurant stops to fill you up!

Tasting Marrakech’s exotic cuisine offers insight into the culture. An evening of exploring and Tasting Marrakech’s Moroccan delicacies is led by a licensed guide and special food host who will take you on an authentic culinary journey of local Moroccan cuisine. A Marrakech food tasting tour is equivalent to experiencing a five-course dinner tasting local street food.

Your tour will start with Berber whiskey (Mint Tea) as the sunsets over the Koutoubia Mosque. As smoke rises from the grills below and the call to prayer sounds out throughout the medina the fun has just begun.


A Tasting Marrakech authentic foodie experience lends the opportunity to sample dishes such as a local Marrakchi Tangia, a specialty meat dish, Moroccan harira soup, sardine meatballs, two varieties of lamb, smoothies, a Moroccan doughnut, simmering hot mint tea or a local sweet and more!

Between courses and after dinner you will take in the Djemaa el Fna Square and its lively entertainment that crosses your path from Gnaoua musicians, to snake charmers, fortune tellers, acrobats, Hadous drummers and the like. You will also visit hidden cuisine jewels to see Marrakech behind-the-scenes food production.


On a Marrakech Food Tour, you can Shop the Souks of Morocco for spices, olives, and harissa while wandering through the olive market, and perhaps even sampling a few varieties. Morocco is the second-largest producer of olives and the sixth of olive oil. All the different colors and varieties of Moroccan olives are cured with different methods. The lemony greens, the succulent reds, and the pungent blacks are all done in several different ways, and each style has separate uses in the Moroccan cuisine. You will the night at a popular brasserie overlooking the Djemaa El Fna Square.

Tasting Marrakech’s Variety of Dishes in the Backstreets – An Urban Food Adventure

You might try the head of the sheep or snail soup, along with boiled eggs and stuffed bread, simmering hot mint tea or a local sweet. Rest assured Tasting Marrakech Street Food will serve as a memorable dinner and leave you speaking about your experience for years to come. This Tasting Tour is for “foodies” and can be tailored to vegetarians and also those who are gluten-free.

Marrakech Food Tour Highlights: Discover the Backstreets of the Medina & Hidden Alleys

~  Two types of slow-cooked lamb
~ Tangia (a Marrakech specialty)
~ Traditional Moroccan salads
~ a mixture of street food dishes such as a grilled sardine sandwich, merguez, or kefta
~ Moroccan soup and doughnuts
~ Fresh fruit smoothies
~ Moroccan pastries
~ Roasted sheep head (optional)
~ Spleen sandwiches (optional) …and more!

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