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We want you to enjoy and be moved by your experience here, whether it’s your first time, or a return trip.

Brilliant Routes

We want you to see our beautiful country in the way you want to.

We will design a trip that suits the way you travel, and what you value.

Optimal Timing

We handle all the logistics: in-country travel planning; book accommodations; and provide comfortable, private transportation.

Local Food

Come and eat  Moroccan food with us! You won’t be disappointed.

Smart Guides

We also have a wonderful network of people to host and help you go deeper in what you care to see: the freedom to explore in balance with your safety.


Tours for your vacation

WHY GO WITH Sahara Differently

hot tours for your vacation

Unique Places

You might just find yourself climbing a rocky Berber path heading to a Moroccan Traditional Mountain Festival, exploring the country through our Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour

Good Accommodations

Learning how to make a traditional Moroccan tagine or couscous. Being native Moroccans, we’ve spent decades unearthing the very best of the Maghreb

Interesting Routes

From fabulous fetes and corporate retreats to Moroccan fashion shoots

New Friends

choose the best tour and make all the arrangements and travel reservations through electronic means, avoiding physically attending our offices



Zagorra , Morocco

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